EP REVIEW: Lakeshore – Secret Weapons

Release Date: November 17th 2018
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.lakeshoreofficial.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/41lakeshore
Twitter: www.twitter.com/41lakeshore


Bursting with energy from start-to-finish, Lakeshore open up their second EP ‘Secret Weapons’ with ‘Erased’, a brilliantly subtle combination of traditional rock ‘n’ roll arrangement with a subtly beautiful hint of electronics. The attitude, drive, and strength of this song act as a terrific opener.

Vocalist Steven McCorry offers an incredible balance of power and restraint throughout ‘Secret Weapons’, mixed with a remarkable range that fits perfectly with the instrumentation. His calmer vocals serving as a fitting introduction to the following song, ‘Magic’, which as a whole shows off the high standard of songwriting found on this offering.

All of the above is only emphasised by the next track, ‘Sorry’, featuring a pacing acoustic guitar with powerful drums in a welcome juxtaposition of the soothing vocals accompanying them.

Even just three tracks in, ‘Secret Weapons’ proves itself to be a diverse and interesting listen that trusts its listeners to embrace the different strengths of Lakeshore, with intriguing experimentation with different timbres that will leave fans excited for what comes next.

And what comes next is the incredible ‘Dreamer’, featuring flawless vocal runs, sweeping guitar solos, and elegantly filtered drums that offer what is arguably the most engaging track of the entire collection, effortlessly showing off the band’s ability to take their fans on an epic journey in just three minutes.

Its pacing is excellent, with the only minor piece of criticism being the staggered feedback at the end of the track, which would probably have worked better as a fade out, especially leading into the final track, ‘Colors’, which fades in so smoothly into a combination of McCorry‘s soft yet passionate vocal delivery and a slow, intense drum beat.

‘Colors’ itself offers an overall fitting close to ‘Secret Weapons’, ending the EP on a high that it’s managed to maintain for the entire five tracks. The song drips with attitude with its huge guitars and gripping vocals, and, again, the only part warranting any kind of criticism is its ending (what almost ends on a powerfully chugged guitar chord instead ends with a relatively feeble delayed distortion, which somewhat negates the impact of this climactic closure).

‘Secret Weapons’ absolutely deserves repeat listens, and is sure to gain Lakeshore some new fans to follow them into what comes next.