EP REVIEW: It Prevails – A Life Worth Living

Release Date: August 23rd 2019
Label: Stay Sick Recordings
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/itprevails
Twitter: www.twitter.com/itprevails


Formed back in 2004, It Prevails have had a rocky road and gone through a tumultuous procession of band members, leaving vocalist Ian Fike left as their only remaining original member.

After four years of silence, with activity dying down shortly after the release of their 2015 full-length ‘Perdition’, the band have returned to the forefront with a new EP, ‘A Life Worth Living’.

Shaking an angry fist at the sunset, ‘Setting The Fire’ begins with a peaceful moment of distant guitars before spiralling into raucous post-hardcore riffs and some pounding drums from Dave Cattucio, who seamlessly traverses between rolling drum beats and shrilling sets of cymbals. Switching between hardcore confrontation and an emphatic chorus section, there’s a great juxtaposition of styles that’s kept very neat and compact.

Bounding with positive energy, ‘Lair Hill’ is a self-reflective emergence from the troubles of the past, and taking on the challenge to re-visit and understand how it became to be. Rather than focusing on the negative circumstances, the instrumentation and lyrics combine in a riotous uprising of thrashing layers of chords and breakdowns that effectively convey the emotional state described.

Reverting to a traditional post-hardcore style, ‘Toward Liberty’ confronts us with a tirade of lyrics from Fike, who displays his full dexterity by flittering between guttural shouts, ratcheting screams, and melodic choruses. Combined with an effective background of intermittent solos and bouncing rhythm guitars from Ryan Knowles and Therron Francis, it doesn’t relent the constant atmosphere of mental anguish.

While ‘A Life Worth Living’ is a very well written and executed resurgence of an experienced band, it would’ve been nice to see make it beyond four tracks and how far the boundaries could have been pushed.

Whether or not this EP is a quick “test of the water” remains to be seen, but the whole thing does bind together so is highly unlikely to be a mash of left over material. Only time will tell if It Prevails will continue to… well, prevail from here.