EP REVIEW: Inspirit – Moon

Release Date: December 11th 2020
Label: Epitaph Records
Website: www.inspiritofficial.com
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With years behind them as Vanna, there’s a confidence that underlines Inspirit‘s debut release, ‘Moon’. Whilst Vanna may have called it a day three years ago, Inspirit takes the spark between the members, and delivers an energising jolt of metalcore for their first outing.

Kicking things off with the pummelling ‘Fold’, growled vocals face off against chugging guitars before layers of melody wash over the track. Breezing through the hallmarks of 2000s metalcore, Inspirit combine the well worn techniques with a loose approach to structure to inject a modern touch to a familiar soundscape.

The same can be said with following number, ‘Deep Cove’, as clean and unclean vocals trade off one another amidst a backdrop of jarring chords, slam influenced breakdowns, and a splattering of electronica to create their own touch on the genre. Granted, from the get go, ‘Moon’ doesn’t aim to re-invent the wheel, but as ‘Holy Voltage’ displays, Inspirit are deserving of a place in the current crop of metalcore bands.

Relentlessly delivering chugging guitars, moments of unpredictability and a passionate vocal delivery throughout, ‘Holy Voltage’ harks back to when metalcore was arguably at its commercial peak. This isn’t to say that what Inspirit are doing is redundant, as the group have crafted a solid collection of tracks that keep momentum throughout.

Well written, dynamically attesting, and a change of pace from the stadium-ready metalcore of the past few years, Inspirit have created a solid debut. Whilst ‘Moon’ showcases an undeniable spark. It’s anyone’s guess as to where they go next.