EP REVIEW: Innerlove. – Fine By Me

Release Date: March 27th 2020
Label: Know Hope Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/innerloveli
Twitter: www.twitter.com/_innerlove


Long Island’s Innerlove. produce what they call “self love rock”, and whilst their ‘Fine By Me’ EP isn’t unique or surprising enough to justify a new genre being created for it, it is a strong set of calming melodic and emotional indie rock to relax to for twenty minutes.

‘Enough’ opens the record with “Love, it ain’t enough”, and this sets the tone for the record. Whilst this seems like quite a sad way to begin a record, and the lyrics to follow are of a similar disposition, the music accompanying is slow but upbeat, and with its cymbal taps and funky bass lines, it has you swaying with a smile on your face.

When Innerlove. choose to take a slower and more solemn tone, as we see on ‘Hell’ the “self love” you get from their music is less of a goofy happy one and more of a cathartic feeling. Tracks are sung in a classic whiny emo pitch that fits the genre and suits the low production feel of the music.

Slightly heavier entry ‘All The Weight’ allows for a small welcome variation in key and emotion, building from the sad catharsis of previous tracks into something more anger driven. It in a short but sweet chant that echoes the first line of the song, but this time layer vocals, and this echo makes the song feel universal and inclusive – perfect when talking about emotional vulnerabilities.

Innerlove.‘s debut ‘Fine By Me’ is a mixture of indie emo lyrics set to a variety of tunes ranging from feeling like a sunny day to a rain one. A strong entry into the modern emo indie genre showing some diversity from track-to-track, and lyrics that feel universally inclusive for a young generation.

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