EP REVIEW: Incubus – Trust Fall (Side B)

Release Date: April 17th 2020
Label: Island Records
Website: www.incubushq.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/incubus
Twitter: www.twitter.com/incubusband


With a track record almost as exhausting to read as it would have been to create, Incubus add to the stack with their new EP, ‘Trust Fall (Side B)’.

The sibling feat ‘Trust Fall (Side A)’ was released in 2015 to hounds of eager fans, and half a decade later comes its aptly named follow-up and counterpart.

The band are far into the depths of professionalism by now, having faith that their releases will be stellar is a given. ‘Karma, Come Back’ rings true first, with tasteful guitars (Mike Einziger) and vocals (Brandon Boyd) as smooth as warm honey. It’s not a particularly flashy opening, but then again, with a confidence as refined as that of Incubus, it really doesn’t need to be.

While ‘Karma, Come Back’ is a more palatable and repetitive track, ‘Our Love’ digs further into the heat of the band. It’s less cordial, rather placing emphasis on the raw invite of José Pasillas‘ drum flecks and the mastery of Mike Einziger‘s fearless exploration of the fretboard.

‘Into The Summer’ is divergent, explorative, and tropical. The guitars chirp in the track’s infancy and continue to divulge in shimmers of pink and yellow during the middle song’s runtime, coaxing an unpredictability from the belly of the release. Chris Kilmore and Ben Kenney absolutely thrive among the song’s musicality, exposing a lighter side of the band with their gorgeous synth and bass offerings.

‘Paper Cuts’ is fragrant with vulnerability, and is yet again a revelation of Incubus‘ pale underbelly. The California native outfit continue to strike their audience with potential since unearthed with this track. It’s plain, but it serves its purpose beautifully.

Incubus are incredibly multi-dimensional and staggeringly unconfined, but considering their relentlessly commendable career, you probably already knew that.