EP REVIEW: I Met A Yeti – Camp Yeti

Release Date: October 4th 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/imetayeti
Twitter: www.twitter.com/imetayeti


When a relatively new band begin to record, their first few releases can contain several flaws as well as noticeable growing pains. These issues are, more often than not, ironed out by the time the group reach their first full-length.

Florida five-piece I Met A Yeti have skipped these baby steps altogether with ‘Camp Yeti’, a phenomenal release which capitalises on the strengths of their 2016 debut EP, ‘…I Can Still See You’.

The three year gap has led to a shift with the departure of vocalist Yaseen Aboutaleb, leaving Daisy Chamberlin as the band’s sole voice. It’s her performance combined with the staggering musicianship on display that make these songs so special.

This is the type of post-hardcore that was prevalent in the early noughties; quirky, technical, and endearing. The group wear their influences proudly on their sleeves, with clear nods to the likes of Dance Gavin Dance, and echoes of Meet Me In St. Louis.

Lead single, ‘Blue-Eyes White Yeti’, exudes a dizzying technicality whilst simultaneously remaining catchy and accessible. It’s in the latter half of the track that a simmering undercurrent of aggression boils to the surface with a violent crescendo. Chamberlin‘s ability to sing with such melodic control is counteracted by her vicious, frustrated shrieking.

With lyrics ranging from failed relationships to self-worth, co-dependence, and gender norms; these topics are approached and dissected with a rare wit and sincerity.

On the heart-wrenching closer ‘Cherry Blossom’, which features some guest vocals from Andy Cizek (Monuments/Makari/WVNDER), Chamberlin repeatedly confesses “I know that I’m getting so much harder to love.” It’s a tremendously emotional finale, and one that leaves you feeling like you’ve just endured an entire album’s worth of material.

To say so much within the span of only five songs; a full-length has the potential to be truly remarkable.