EP REVIEW: Hot Mulligan – I Won’t Reach Out To You

Release Date: May 28th 2021
Label: Wax Bodega Records
Website: www.hotmulliganband.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hotmulligan
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hotmulligan


Michigan pop-punk quartet Hot Mulligan blessed us last year with their critically acclaimed second album, ‘You’ll Be Fine’. A little over a year later, and they’ve blessed us yet again with a new EP, ‘I Won’t Reach Out To You’, their first official release without bassist Garrett “Sniff” Willig, who left the band earlier this year.

‘One For The Boy’ opens the EP with a short, gentle, contemplative stroll. The opening clean guitar line sounds almost philosophical, if that’s even possible, with Nathan Sanville‘s vocals almost being buried by the guitar. It’s slow, ethereal, and warm, albeit an odd choice to open a pop-punk record with. But, don’t worry, once the opening track fades away, you’re immediately greeted with the noise that you came for.

The title of the EP makes an appearance in the lyrics of ‘Featuring Mark Hoppus’. The track’s title seems to take aim at the common pop-punk trope of the Blink-182 legend making a guest appearance on a song, even though Mark Hoppus himself doesn’t feature here. The song itself is a hard-hitting, yet catchy pop-punk banger, barely stopping for breath throughout its three-minute runtime.

The energetic acoustic guitar that opens ‘Losing Days’ is a very brief palate cleanser before the insanity of the rest of the song kicks in. No matter how many times you hear this song, you will never be prepared for frontman Nathan “Tades” Sanville screaming that words “forget it” over and over again.

The contemplative clean guitar makes a comeback on ‘Please Don’t Cry, You Have Swag’ to close off the record. However, this time the vocals are pushed back to the forefront to make a classic pop-punk-style ballad, with the full band returning to the fold in the final minute to really drive home the emotion.

The overall lyrical theme of ‘I Won’t Reach Out To You’ is regret, but it’s definitely not a record that Hot Mulligan should ever regret making, and it’s certainly a record that you won’t regret listening to.

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