EP REVIEW: Homebound – More To Me Than Misery

Release Date: August 17th 2018
Label: Rude Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/homebounduk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ukhomebound


Farnham’s Homebound have managed to take on pop-punk and stand tall with five tracks, courtesy of ‘More To Me Than Misery’. In less than twenty minutes, the group power through melody, hooks, and riffs whilst injecting various influence from post-hardcore for equal measure.

Opener ‘Change Of Heart’ kicks off with a riff that belies the crooning vocals, allowing the fast pace of the verse to dominate the track. With dual vocals and bouncing melodies fighting for attention, the group shows that they know their genre in less than four minutes.

The guitars display various techniques throughout the run time, shuttling from driving palm-muted chords to octaves replacing the expected vocal melody on ‘Truth Be Told’. These techniques are not shoehorned into the compositions to brag as every section is used to push the tracks forward to maximum impact.

With the group taking on a tough subgenre to stand out in, they’ve utilised the tools at their disposal to ensure that boredom is never a possibility. ‘Indelible’ gains attention by slowing the pace, albeit briefly, before taking the audience on a furious sonic journey.

As mentioned previously, with the group being in a pocket stylistically there are certain expected elements such as the drum patterns and certain melodic voicings. The reliance on the staple techniques of the genre is overshadowed by the passion, energy, and strong compositional skills of the group.

Homebound may not be breaking new group sonically, but they have helped inject a renewed vigour in a subgenre that has been slowly building its revival over the past few years.