EP REVIEW: Hollywood Undead – Psalms

Release Date: November 2nd 2018
Label: Universal Music Group
Website: www.hollywoodundead.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hollywoodundead
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hollywoodundead


In their first release since last year’s full-length, ‘Five’, Hollywood Undead‘s surprise EP ‘Psalms’ comes in the wake of a few singles which were presumed to remain as stand alone offerings.

‘Psalms’ is an interesting release that doesn’t stick to one sound in particular, taking us on a ride from acoustic guitar songs to rap.

In what is a standout for those partial to the band’s heavier sound, ‘Bloody Nose’ kicks off the EP with some windy synth and pulsing bass, the latter being a big part of the entire track as it keeps a flowing rhythm to the song, melding and locking in with it to allow the rest of the composition to be a little more experimental. Almost sounding like a collaboration with Fall Out Boy, the Californians are off to a good start.

However, as the following tracks come along in the form of ‘Live Fast Die Young’, ‘Something To Believe’, and ‘Another Level’, the band definitely take a more LA inspired rap/hip-hop approach to the writing.

With a definite more old school Hollywood Undead approach, you can pick out the very definitive sounding vocal style. Whilst ‘Live Fast Die Young’ has a more Twenty One Pilots feel to it, ‘Something To Believe’ and ‘Another Level’ are reminiscent of a sound from when Yelawolf came together with Travis Barker a few years back.

Finale ‘Gotta Let Go’ once again changes direction, starting off with an acoustic guitar before transforming into a track that very much creates a happy, uplifting aura, looking back on life and how you have to let it go. With happy, pinging piano riffs in the verses, we’re greeted with a much calmer rapping style with big sounding drum section and echoing choruses that could easily be picked up by WWE to soundtrack their next big event.

‘Psalms’ is a varying release that would probably only hold any benefit and returning factor to already established Hollywood Undead fans. For everyone else, there’s not too much substantial here.