EP REVIEW: Heart To Heart – Heartbreaker

Release Date: February 14th 2020
Label: InVogue Records
Website: www.hearttoheartca.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hearttoheartca
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hearttoheartca


The ‘Heartbreaker’ EP comes as Heart To Heart‘s first release in six years after frontman, Nick Zoppo, moved to Chicago to train in wrestling with WWE superstar, Seth Rollins.

The six-track EP is equally as aggressive as it is melodic, finding a comfortable balance between the two. Existing within a famously cliche-ridden and uninventive genre, the tracks are plagued with the sense that it’s all been done before.

Opener ‘Ø Love’ thrusts you headfirst into what’s to come, with frantic riffs and chaotic yet catchy vocal lines, taking a slightly heavier approach than what you’d typically expect from pop-punk. The track is carried confidently by pulsating drum and bass work, and the melodic verses that twist and turn their way into melodic hardcore-esque breakdowns are very reminiscent of 2010 wave of easycore/pop-punk acts.

Both ‘Someone [Else]’ and ‘Insufferable’ put the melodic aspects of Heart To Heart in the drivers seat, with upbeat lyricism in favour of aggressive instrumentation this time. The latter begins with some pleasant midwest emo-esque guitar licks, in the vein of genre pioneers American Football.

‘On The Line’, however, is easily the best track on the project, bringing together the heavy and melodic aspects elegantly to really showcase what the band are capable of. This track also boasts a massive chorus, which is certain to get a crowd moving in a heartbeat.

Heart To Heart certainly have what it takes to become something bigger, and considering they’ve been away from making music for six years, ‘Heartbreaker’ is a pretty solid comeback.