EP REVIEW: Hayley Williams – Petals For Armor I

Release Date: February 6th 2020
Label: Atlantic Records
Website: www.petalsforarmor.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hayleywilliams
Twitter: www.twitter.com/yelyahwillams


Paramore‘s Hayley Williams prepared fans for forthcoming solo material just weeks before she started to let it slip out into the world, eager to get it out there to start her 2020.

With a forthcoming full-length body of material called ‘Petals For Armor’ waiting in the wings, Williams simply couldn’t wait ’til its full release (scheduled for May), and opted to get the first half of it into the world three months early as an aptly titled EP, ‘Petals For Armor I’.

It’s exciting, but risky. Releasing an unfinished project is a brave and bold move, especially when in the age of streaming and playlist culture an album with a full scope of vision and flow fairs far more likely to survive.

With ‘Simmer’ as its frontrunner, Williams‘ debut outing as a solo artist is set to be a pop bop and a half, at times channeling something akin to Kate Bush. Sophomore single ‘Leave It Be’ turns that coin to a showcase of vulnerability and emotions, and it’s a constant back and forth with the rest of the songs on the EP as well.

‘Cinnamon’ will have you hopping down a long path through endless fields on a sunny day, and ‘Creepin” wraps a leash round your neck to calm it all and slow the pace once more.

Subsequently, a consistent flow is almost non-existent, and leaves ‘Petals For Armor I’ feeling a little bit bumpy as a whole. Taken apart and away from each other, the songs hold up on their own and certainly give enough hope for when the record’s second part gets released to give it a more well-rounded sound.

Hayley Williams can hold her own away from Paramore without a doubt, and it’s exciting to see her experiment with different sounds than what we’re used to. There’s a strikingly bright future ahead for her as a solo artist.