EP REVIEW: Halflives – Resilience

Release Date: March 13th 2020
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wehavehalflives
Twitter: www.twitter.com/wehavehalflives


The blindingly charismatic Halflives are charming the scene yet again with the release of their new EP, ‘Resilience’.

Following the complexities of self-exploration and illustration, the five-track feat is truly gorgeous, an iridescence in the chaos of today.

Lead single, ‘Rockstar Everyday’, loops a lasso around tense shoulders, coaxing us into the band’s realm of suave get-ups and blushing beats, leaving any hesitation at the now distant door. Oscar Scantamburio wrings the bass line dry of any puny highs, throttling beneath the tracks with grimy electronic beats. The concoction is quite tart, and intoxicating.

The temptress of the release materialises in the body of ‘Snake’, a bitterly assured track that coils around Linda Battilani‘s vocals, snide and calculated in their delivery. The band’s Parisian idiosyncrasies weave between the song’s scales, turquoise and navy against the sharp shimmerings of ‘Snake’‘s hip-hop influence, and Halflives‘ venomous tendencies remain wrenchingly clear from here on out.

Featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, ‘Time Bomb’ creeps into being with a potent beat not dissimilar to Billie Eilish‘s hit, ‘Bad Guy’. The vocals of both Battilani and Quinn compliment their counterparts fiercely, exploring the poppier side of their usual territories retrospectively with no ounce of fear in their outpourings, and while the lyrics are just that – extremely pop-influenced and somewhat elementary – ‘Time Bomb’ is utterly relentless.

‘One Bad Day’ and ‘Hard to Break’ close off the release in radical depictions of personalised authenticity. Fede Bernardi thrives in accentuating the directness of the lyricism, furthering the reach so valued in tracks of this genre. Hats off to Halflives for displaying unapologetic realism under lashings of distorted riffs and a purple froth of blushed beats.

‘Resilience’ is a lush effort, serving as an untarnished welcome back since the French outfit’s debut album ‘Empty Rooms’ in 2017. Teal spritzed and revived, this offering is irresponsibly catchy and damn swanky.