EP REVIEW: Greyhaven – Breathe

Release Date: January 12th 2018
Label: Outsider Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/greyhavenuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/greyhavenuk


London based quintet Greyhaven have only been a band for a couple of years now, yet they’ve amassed quite a following so far. With their debut release ‘State Of Mind’ dropping just last year and, with it being so well received, the band have had a lot to live up to. Unfortunately, follow-up ‘Breathe’ doesn’t quite live up to the hype, but there’s some definite promise embedded within it.

‘Truth’ opens with crashing drums and chugging guitars while frontman Sam Patterson‘s vocals shine through as being distinctly British. Unfortunately, while the musicianship is very tight and expansive, the melody is predictable and lacks imagination. The same can be said for following track, ‘When We Divide’. While the vocal layering is expansive and the techniques used are impressive considering the guys have only been together for two years, just like the previous track it lacks any imagination and depth at all. Basically, the first half of the EP is boring.

As soon as ‘Crows’ kicks in, there’s an immediate shift in urgency, and the direction takes a slight turn towards a more experimental sound. It feels like what you would expect from Bring Me The Horizon if they hadn’t gone completely mainstream. The electronic synth compliments the guitars nicely, and after a slightly slow build-up you’re hit with a wall of noise. It feels like a different band all together.

The titular track closes things off, and is by far and away the best track on the EP, showcasing the band at their absolute best. Jangly guitars, an almost whispered texture to the vocals, and a collection of synths create an almost Thirty Seconds To Mars type of atmosphere. It shows a maturity to the band that you wouldn’t expect whilst they’re still within their infancy. They’ve definitely saved the best for last, and this is a 10/10 track all day long.

As a young band, when you put together and release an EP, you have to make sure that each track is crafted to near perfection to ensure not only that attention is maintained, but also that it pulls you in for repeated listens over and over again. What Greyhaven have done is release half an EP which is melodically lazy with a lack of imagination and creativity, and a latter half being expansive, exciting, and downright brilliant.

While the lyrics lack maturity at moments, it all comes in time and, if they can release tracks like ‘Breathe’, the future could certainly be bright for them.