EP REVIEW: God Complex – Created Sick

Release Date: October 5th 2018
Label: Venn Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/godcomplexuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/godcomplexuk


Merseyside’s God Complex are the latest in a stream of new bands who, in the vein of Code Orange and Venom Prison, are mashing together diverse and formerly disparate strands of heavy music in order to create a sound that is vital, unique, and most importantly absolutely crushing.

In this case, we have a primarily blackened hardcore group who throw in elements of death, mathcore, and noise, and draw on a wide range of lyrical influences including (but not limited to) social inequality, domestic violence, and global conflict.

The result of this alchemy is ‘Created Sick’, their second EP release this year alone; a lean and explosive cut that grabs you by the throat and demands your attention as soon as the eponymous opening track kicks in.

Engulfing us under a tidal wave of blast beats and distorted riffing is a good start, but the jarring and impactful use of dissonant pauses in the action leaves a more lasting impression, being able to effectively employ the absence of sound to enhance the dynamic of the track is a real talent.

The four following numbers, not a single one weighing in at over three minutes, are equally devastating. ‘Breeding Filth’ is anchored by a colossal, gut-punching riff punctuated by vocals so harsh as to border on white noise. The aforementioned moments of silence return to give the illusion of breathing space before the onslaught redoubles. Guitarist Kyle Holt and bassist Alex Chan work well in tandem both here and across the release, often doubling up on the riffage to achieve a brutally heavy sound.

Meanwhile, ‘Stonehand’ places more emphasis on an artillery barrage of percussion courtesy of drummer, James Lyon. The resilience of Harry Rule‘s vocal cords continues to impress as he ranges between the now customary harsh screams and some equally commendable death growls.

‘Slumlord’ begins with a slightly more stately, foot-stomping intro before once again throwing us into a maelstrom of chugging guitars and wailing distortion. Curtain closer ‘Ordered To Be Well’ is the most emotionally charged of the bunch, with the hate-filled vocals reaching boiling point amidst yet another display of punishing riffing and blast beats.

‘Created Sick’ is a strong statement of intent from a young, hungry, and prolific group of musicians. Explosive, emotive, and exhaustingly heavy whilst loading up an impressive range of musical ideas into its slim runtime, ‘Created Sick’ marks out God Complex as ones to watch. It will doubtlessly be exciting to see what they can accomplish when they set out to create their first full-length.