EP REVIEW: Fuming Mouth – Beyond The Tomb

Release Date: November 20th 2020
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Website: www.fumingmouth.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fumingmouth
Twitter: www.twitter.com/fumingmouth


After 2019’s mammoth debut full-length ‘The Grand Descent’, it seems like little breathing room has been provided by Massachusetts hardcore death metal mob, Fuming Mouth.

Little over a year later and we’ve been hit over the head once again with a brutal, crushing onslaught of metallic hardcore fury. And, to clarify, deathcore may be the banner-term for the traditional fusion of death metal and hardcore but it feels rather unfitting here, as the dichotomy of the two genres is more akin to two opposing forces crashing against one another rather than coalescing.

While a three-track EP may initially appear more succinct and compact, ‘Beyond The Tomb’ is arguably more expansive and ambitious than the band’s preceding album.

The opening title-track is a blistering cacophonous dirge that slams and blasts its way around an increasingly ominous and foreboding central chorus, sounding more and more like a Gregorian death cult chant with each repetition. The following two cuts are just as dour and demented, with ‘Master Of Extremity’ proving an especially malevolent, seething experience.

One look at song lengths should indicate clearly the more drawn-out direction this doomed path seems to be leading. The violent brevity of previous material has been eschewed in favour of a far more atmospheric, cataclysmic approach that feels further refined and aggressive.

Returning to God City Studios to work with Kurt Ballou of Converge seems like a total no-brainer, and it’s encouraging to hear the man behind the boards still pushing new extreme acts to explore just how far down the depths of the abyss they’re capable of traversing.

If ‘Beyond The Tomb’ is an indicator of a sophomore effort to come, Fuming Mouth could be well on their way to reaching underground hero status of the most savage variety.