EP REVIEW: Fizzy Blood – Pink Magic

Release Date: September 14th 2018
Label: Killing Moon/Alya Records
Website: www.fizzyblood.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fizzybloodmusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/fizzybloodmusic


Last year, Leeds outfit Fizzy Blood brought us ‘Summer Of Luv’, and, stylistic grammatical errors notwithstanding, it had some of the most creative use of sound in rock you’d have heard last year.

Fans may not quite find that same rawness in their follow-up, ‘Pink Magic’, but they won’t be let down by the instrumental creativity of the band they’ve come to expect.

The titular opener’s verses tease us with stripped back instrumentation showcasing the power behind vocalist Benji Inkley‘s delivery. While lyrically not quite as interesting as the following tracks, the ostinato chant of “I am the last man standing” is just about as infectious as a vocal line possibly can be and will be running laps around your head in an almost cult-like fashion.

Proving that they’re not all just about fast, overdriven guitars and distorted vocals, ‘Strangers’ brings the volume right down with a calm drum beat accompanying a mellow guitar line with softer vocals. Thankfully, the decrease in tempo doesn’t carry with it a decrease in energy and drive, and the drums gently carry you to the end of the song with just the right amount of guitar nuances to capture and maintain attention.

Bringing the tempo back up is finale, ‘Illusion’, equipped with a catchy melody right at the start that leads into a verse which elegantly captures the vocal skill previously often masked behind distortion. It’s a satisfying way for the band to bring the ‘Pink Magic’ EP to a close, and with it you find yourself compelled to put it on repeat, because one listen just isn’t enough.