EP REVIEW: Fever 333 – Wrong Generation

Release Date: October 23rd 2020
Label: Roadrunner Records/333 Wreckords Crew
Website: www.fever333.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fever333
Twitter: www.twitter.com/fever333


Fever 333 are a group that was created as a reaction to injustice and to further community, and there’s been no stronger need for that than in 2020, and with it they deliver their ‘Wrong Generation’ EP.

Recorded two weeks after the Black Lives Matters protests began in May, ‘Wrong Generation’ seeks for answers, implores for change, challenges injustice, and asks vital questions atop an abrasive and energetic soundscape.

Opening with the aptly titled ‘Bite Back’, buzzsaw guitars and nervous drums form the backdrop to Jason Butler‘s confrontational and snapping verses before unfurling a dominating chorus that drives the track’s simple yet effective message home. Solidifying the appeal and urgency of Fever 333 from the get go, they meld an energetic and hook laden track with biting lyricism.

Not just relying on the punk energy that drove their previous releases, ‘Block Is On Fire’ trades power chords for sub kicks and a chopped vocal delivery. Still retaining a defiant energy and sitting perfectly alongside the group’s heavier cuts, it pushes the record ¬†urther away from the expected.

Following in the same vein with the EP’s title-track, the lyricism serves as rallying call to its audience, as the coda “You fucked with the wrong generation” permeates the pumping bass lines and the Public Enemy call backs. Ultimately, ‘Wrong Generation’ is more than the stylistic choices and infectious choruses that it displays, and that should never be overlooked.

From the breakdowns of ‘Walk Through The Fire’ to the piano driven resistance of ‘The Last Time’, ‘Wrong Generation’ serves as a talking point, a call to arms, and a soundtrack for long overdue change. As always, the message behind the tracks is the most important factor in their craft, but beyond that Fever 333 prove that they can craft memorable and hook laden tracks with ferocious conviction.