EP REVIEW: Exploring Birdsong – The Thing With Feathers

Release Date: November 29th 2019
Label: Long Branch Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/exploringbirdsong
Twitter: www.twitter.com/exbirdsong


Taking influence from progressive rock and eschewing it with piano driven intricacy, Liverpool trio Exploring Birdsong already deliver a sound on their debut effort that’s uniquely their own.

Comprised of vocalist/keyboardist Lynsey Ward, bassist/keyboardist Jonny Knight, and drummer Matt Harrison, the group work in tandem to create a stark and delicate atmosphere with ‘The Thing With Feathers’.

Setting a melancholic tone with ‘Hope’, the track rests on mournful piano chords and bubbling ambience. Picking up the pace with lead single, ‘The River’, urgent piano melodies fight against Harrison‘s dense and energetic drumbeats, whilst stripping away the layers for the verse, Ward‘s soft tone swims around restrained chords.

Taking cinematic influence for the wide chorus, multi-layered vocal harmonies and urgent motifs create a jarring change of pace. Armed with circling melodies and moving dynamics, the track serves as a strong introduction to the trio’s blend of atmosphere, technical proficiency, and sweeping choruses.

With Knight‘s lurching bass line leading the way, ‘The Sinking Question’ adds a faster pace to its predecessor. Filled with a percussive vocal delivery and rapid fire notes, the song delivers a catchy hook that also nods to the trio’s progressive influence.

Showcasing a strong gospel influence on ‘The Thing With Feathers’, the trio move further away from the expected. Held together by an even tone, the release strays into multiple directions yet never loses its identity due to the strong sound of the group. Whether it’s the bouncing chords shown on ‘The Baptism’, or the haunting restraint of ‘The Downpour’, the three-piece display versatility that gives the release a lasting quality.

Large in scope and bursting with ambition, Exploring Birdsong has given an impressive introduction to their world with ‘The Thing With Feathers’.