EP REVIEW: Everyone Dies In Utah – Supra

Release Date: January 25th 2021
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.everyonediesinutah.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/everyonediesinutah
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ediu


Marking a new era of the group with ‘Supra’, Everyone Dies In Utah return with a short and sharp take on their sound.

Kicking things off with a slew of disjointed guitars, guttural vocals, and a foreboding lead melody, ‘Supra’ touches on many early metalcore staples in its short runtime. Abrupt yet effective, the title-track opens the record with an unexpected throwback.

Following on with ‘Below The Salt’, the band play with the oft used heavy verse, smooth chorus formula before delving into a left-field instrumental passage. Utilising ambient textures to piece together their forays into electronica, hardcore breakdowns, and sailing choruses, Everyone Dies In Utah ensure that their soundscape doesn’t become too stale nor too cluttered.

Taking a heavier route with ‘Soul Eater’, the group combine the chugging guitars of the title-track and the embedded soundscapes of ‘Below The Salt’ to create a dynamically interesting journey through roaring vocals, rolling rhythms, and pulsing synths.

As the record progresses, Everyone Dies In Utah continue to combine various influences into their post-hardcore sound, with ‘Planetary’ melding pop driven choruses with melodic post-hardcore before giving way to the shimmering ‘Passenger, Pt. 2’.

Concluding the EP with ‘Hacksaw’, the band move through chunky chords, progressive metal passages, melodic vocals, and driving synths with ease. Concise yet organically structured, Everyone Dies In Utah lean into their more commercial elements to create a track that satisfies their existing audience alongside catching the ears of new fans.

By touching on previous iterations of post-hardcore, Everyone Dies In Utah set themselves apart from their contemporaries whilst still using prominent elements from the current scene. Whilst ‘Supra’ is a taste of what’s soon to come, it’s also a welcome addition to their catalogue.