EP REVIEW: Every Scar Has A Story – Every Scar Has A Story

Release Date: June 18th 2020
Label: Equal Vision Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/everyscarhasastoryofficial
Twitter: None available


Every Scar Has A Story‘s self-titled EP might be the band’s first effort in terms of a physical release, but this American hardcore outfit are no strangers to the music industry.

With the outfit’s members having a history in a plethora of other groups, including 108, Black Kites, Hundreds Of AU, and You & I, this debut EP is a fresh record from experienced hands.

The three-track collection is a short, snappy offering that delivers on gut-punching riffs and raw vocals. Drawing on punk influences, it’s obvious that, while this release might not be the most polished in the world, it holds up that gutsy, balls-to-the-wall, DIY mentality that most listeners would come to expect from the North American hardcore scene. It’s not for everyone, but for those with the stones to listen to such exposed, unfiltered tracks, Every Scar Has A Story are well worth it.

But it’s not without its faults. While the rough edge of the EP can be appreciated, it’s difficult not to notice how this sometimes oversteps into clumsiness, especially with so many top-quality releases flying about right now.

The eponymous opening track is a loud blast of power, but some of that gets lost in how scruffy it sounds. ‘Move On’ is a little more hopeful, reminiscent of early Rage Against The Machine and bursting with similar potential, but, like many punk bands who eventually ‘made it’, this bold energy needs to be channelled with direction and intention. Finally, closing things off is ‘Price Of Admission’, which, again, is unafraid and punchy, but it’s just too messy.

Of course, messiness can be forgiven with a debut release. It would be a big, big mistake to write off a band just because their early work was a little rough, and if that was the case, the majority of bands wouldn’t make it past round one. Still, given that this band has so much experience under their belts, they need to step it up with future releases to meet expectations, and hopefully surpass them.