EP REVIEW: Eva Plays Dead – The Fix

Release Date: April 27th 2018
Label: Playing Dead Records
Website: www.evaplaysdead.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/evaplaysdead
Twitter: www.twitter.com/evaplaysdead


Midlands quartet Eva Plays Dead have had quite a rollercoaster journey over the past year or so, with supporting slots for the likes of Alien Ant Farm and Skindred. It’s quite the turnaround following an unfortunate robbing of around £3,000 worth of gear in 2016.

The band have gained a whole new host of fans since then, so it came as no surprise when their fundraising campaign towards their new EP ‘The Fix’ reached and smashed its set target within just two weeks. Unfortunately, the 5-track effort feels like a bit of a mess.

‘Spin’ opens things up with monster guitar riffs and crashing drums alongside lead singer and frontwoman Tiggy Dockerty‘s soft yet seductive vocals. There’s a disjointed feel to the verse that leads into the energetic bridge and chorus, and the track is by far the stand out of the EP.

Lead single ‘Get Back’ is a juvenile and provocative track that belongs back in the early 2000s. With its repetitive lyrics, boring song structure, and absolute overbearing sense of narcissism, it sounds like a band who have run out of ideas. Really the less that’s said about this track, the better.

Dockerty‘s battle with bipolar disorder is a point of focus and discussion here, and it’s a staple within the lyrics, none more so than on the EP’s most poignant track, ‘Bones’. With lyrics such as “I’m beat up. Broke. I’m restless. Alone. And I’m nothing but bones. Nothing but bones,” the song is a glimpse into the mainstream juggernaut Eva Plays Dead could become if they continue to graft and work.

‘The Fix’ is an EP full of clichés, recycled guitar riffs, and predictable song structures that make for a rather dull listen. Apart from a few shining moments that are few and far between, and the bravery to face and discuss the importance of mental health which should not be ignored, the follow-up to the band’s incredibly well received ‘Sounds Of The Written Word’ is an unfortunate disappointment to say the least.

There’s no doubt that Eva Plays Dead have the ability and the talent to create songs that deserve to be heard, and it’s very apparent that the EP was written with live shows in mind, but longevity, replay value, and a step up in quality are a few things that needed to be considered far more.