EP REVIEW: Erica Drive – The Hate, The Hurt, The Healing

Release Date: April 12th 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ericadriveband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ericadriveband


Bournemouth emo-punks Erica Drive have only been on the go for a couple of years, but it’s clear that they don’t intend on waiting for the world to hear what they have to say.

After their relatively successful eponymous debut EP, they hired bassist Damian Bruton to boost their already lively sound, which is definitely apparent on their follow-up, ‘The Hate, The Hurt, The Healing’.

Opening track and lead single, ‘All We Are’, opens in a very standard way for a modern pop-punk sound. A high-pass filter gives the intro a nice phase effect before the song kicks in, and it kicks hard. The opening lines sum up the frustration that many people in their home country might well be feeling in this current period of political uncertainty, “How did we let it get so bad? / Without knowing where to lend a hand?”.

‘Better Man’ is possibly the best example of Bruton‘s new addition to the group. His bass adds a deep heaviness that accentuates the raw emotion on display, and it’s possible that the song might not have had the same impact had he not been a part of it.

The EP closes with ‘The Fall’, which starts out on a more sombre tone, with just a reverberant clean guitar filling the void before the drums, bass, and vocals kick in. The chorus brings back the heavy guitars and adds even more to the raw emotion already, and brings the EP to a definitive close.

Erica Drive are definitely a band to watch for the future. The addition of Bruton certainly makes it sound thicker, and therefore bigger and heavier than their previous EP. Erica Drive are definitely going places in the future, and it’s exciting to see where they go from here.