EP REVIEW: Eighteen Visions – Inferno

Release Date: October 2nd 2020
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.18vofficial.com
Facebook: None available
Twitter: www.twitter.com/18v_official


Following their resurrection in 2017 with their comeback album ‘XVIII’, metalcore pioneers Eighteen Visions have opted for a shorter and conceptually-driven blast with their ‘Inferno’ EP, proving that the reunion wasn’t just a flash in the pan.

Streamlined, furious, and dizzying in its brevity, ‘Inferno’ is truly unrepentant in its presentation and delivery.

Opening with the white knuckled ‘Sink’, breakdowns, chugging guitars, gang vocals, and an impassioned performance from frontman James Hart, ‘Inferno’ pulls no punches. Steeped in hardcore tropes as well as displaying the hallmarks of the group, ‘Sink’ sets the tone of the record perfectly.

Whilst on the surface ‘The Wicked’ and ‘Thirty One’ look to continue along the same trajectory, both tracks show nuances and layers; the former hints at 2006’s stadium friendly self-titled record, and the latter subtly slips into a call and response coda. With a tight grip on their dynamic versatility throughout, ‘Inferno’ avoids becoming one note and allows the stomping breakdown of ‘Bleed The Sheep’ to hit harder.

Concluding with ‘The Perils Of Sin’, spoken word samples usher in thick bass lines and intimate vocals to unveil a seldom seen side of Eighteen Visions. Gentle yet haunting, the concluding track gives shades of vulnerability before delivering a raw and engulfing coda.

Ending abruptly, ‘Inferno’ sees Eighteen Visions invigorated and still gnashing their infernal jaws 25 years deep into their career with more life than most new kids on the block can dare to muster. Whether the release is a stop gap between full-length records remains to be seen, but regardless, Eighteen Visions have delivered another solid addition to their catalogue.