EP REVIEW: Ego Kill Talent – The Dance

Release Date: June 27th 2020
Label: BMG Records
Website: www.egokilltalent.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/egokilltalent
Twitter: www.twitter.com/egokilltalent


Poised to capitalise on the momentum gained from years of high profile support slots and a solid debut release, Ego Kill Talent were meant to tour a considerable amount of the world before unleashing their sophomore album.

As it stands, said release is to be unfurl over the course of three instalments, and on the first of which, ‘The Dance’, the quintet don’t pull any punches.

Taking a reserved approach with opener ‘NOW!’, vocalist Jonathan Dorr contemplates over subtle keys before a groove riff kicks the track into gear. Delivering spinning melodies above the urgent verses, Ego Kill Talent fire on all cylinders, with a stadium-ready chorus up their sleeves. Alternating between breakneck grooves, swimming melodies, and hook laden choruses, ‘NOW!’ kicks the EP off with a bang.

Backing up the hype surrounding them swiftly on the previous track, ‘Lifeporn’ solidifies their commercial appeal as Dorr croons and soars over Niper Boaventura‘s and Raphael Miranda‘s melody driven guitars. Still injecting heavy grooves alongside the wide choruses, the track delivers a roaringly heavy bridge that demands participation.

Continuing to not waste any time, ‘The Call’ jumps straight into a hook that most bands would work up towards. Delivering tightly structured and hard hitting rock tracks, Ego Kill Talent close their first collection on a high note. Whilst it may only be the first taste of their forthcoming full-length, Ego Kill Talent consistently offer up dynamically attesting and floor-filling tracks on ‘The Dance’ that linger long after the runtime is over.