EP REVIEW: Earthbound – Desolate

Release Date: October 11th 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/earthboundmusicuk
Twitter: None available


Hailing from our local shores of Hertfordshire, Earthbound began as a four-piece in 2017 and self-released their first EP, ‘Endure’. After touring heavily and gaining a spot at Bloodstock, they’re now ready to release their second effort, ‘Desolate’.

Thundering in on a steed made of thrashing metalcore riffs and interchanges of guttural screams with clean choruses, opener ‘Of Suffering’ is an energetic and emphatic beginning. Not happy with a simple wall of pounding riffs, orchestral synths and chiming bells are introduced to the brief breaks for breath that make for an excellent and refreshing change from the usual breakdown section.

Electronic ballad ‘Solitude’ echoes with distant synths and clean vocals from Tom Watson, who retains an authentic and professional performance that builds up in a crescendo of hammering snare hits and impactful chords that effectively relay the sentiment in the lyrics.

Ensuring that the darkness isn’t too far away, ‘Worlds Apart’ turns to melodic death metal that pursues an enthusiastic and accurate ethos rather than relying on a raucous of riling riffs and constant clicking kick pedals. Introducing classic solos and lighter lead riffs from Louie Penfold and John Stacy means that they have a great blend of genres that lifts their sound while visceral screams claw you back into the metal centre.

Ratcheting up the intensity, closer ‘Remnants’ barrels down with confrontational riffs and rapidly interchanging rhythms from Richard Shearing, who expertly manages to execute the change overs between kick pedal speeds flawlessly. Added in is a section of breathing space produced by an instrumental that climaxes in a final wall of intensity, and gives the whole EP a great closing.

At over twenty minutes long, ‘Desolate’ is by no means a brief experience of what could be coming in the future, and the style that they have produced reflects their influences while retaining a unique original edge that can only expanded on.