EP REVIEW: Drug Church – TAWNY

Release Date: June 25th 2021
Label: Pure Noise Records
Website: www.drugchurch.net
Twitter: www.twitter.com/drugchurch


It’s been three years since Drug Church‘s last release, ‘CHEER’, and with their fourth album still hidden on the horizon somewhere, without a release date or much other info, their ‘TAWNY’ EP is the perfect little taster for fans to enjoy until then.

The four track EP is made up 2020’s ‘Bliss Out’, two new tracks, and a cover of ‘Remember To Forget’ by Arcwelder.

Opener and the first of two new cuts ‘Head Off’ starts with some gritty drums that then get paired with guitars that are akin to the same kind of nostalgia drenched dreamy notes usually found from The Cure. Kindlon‘s half shouted, half melodic vocals somehow manage to match both of those moods, and are ones just waiting to be shouted at each other in a sweaty club.

The EP’s title-track shortly follows, and leans more on the heavier side of things, instrumentally and lyrically, and promises for any other upcoming new releases from Drug Church to carry the same kind of intensity, with lyrics such as “Tragedy is comedy when it’s someone else”.

The aforementioned ‘Bliss Out’ passes by almost unnoticed, and not just because it’s the shortest song on the EP, with its biggest highlight being the off beat drums and beats in the chorus. The Arcwelder cover slapped on the end of it all stands out rather clearly as well, admittedly lacking some of Drug Church‘s usual trademarks. It carries their personality, but it doesn’t hit the same.

‘TAWNY’ is a decent enough collection for in-between records and something to spin when you quickly have to nip to the shop and need something to tune out the rest of the world.