EP REVIEW: Dropout Kings – GlitchGang

Release Date: April 3rd 2020
Label: Stay Sick Recordings
Website: www.dropoutkingsmusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dropoutkingsaz
Twitter: www.twitter.com/dropoutkingsaz


‘GlitchGang’ is the refreshingly unique EP from Phoenix, Arizona nu-metal/hip-hop outfit, Dropout Kings. Blending djent riffs with razor-sharp lyricism, the band have been esteemed by Napalm Records for “bringing back nu-metal”.

Opener ‘PitUp’ shows exactly what the band are about with its trap beats, punchy guitars, and violent vocal deliveries. In most cases, bringing this abundance of sounds together would be a disaster, but Dropout Kings do it right. The vocals here are rather reminiscent of Chester Bennington, which is never a bad thing.

The titular track is more hip-hop focused, accompanied by vicious nu-metal instrumentation and a catchy mumble rap-esque chorus. The rapping is really impressive and doesn’t at all seem out of place. This track has the potential to be huge and would appeal to a wide array of audiences. It’s got the riffs and occasional screams for the metal heads, and then you’re hit with cut-throat lyricism to match.

‘Virus’ again brings to mind the work of Linkin Park, with its scratches, glitchy beats, and jumpy raps paired up with chaotic screams that are all brought together with a unique twist of 2020 trap.

The band showcase their versatility on ‘Devil’s Playground’, a silky smooth, slower cut with soft vocals and ambient trap instrumentals. It’s rather close to the sound of Brockhampton, splicing singing and rapping perfectly. The great thing about this band is that you don’t know what they’re going to do next, as they prove here that they can do it all.

Things turn up a notch again on ‘Hakai’, a fast-paced cut with visceral riffs, electric raps, exhilarating beats and scratches. Intense from start-to-finish, there’s a constant feeling that it’s building up to something, and it finally climaxes with a frenzied breakdown of “Destroy everything one time, destroy everything two times, I don’t give a fuck” that transcends into a visceral mash up of hard-hitting guitars and drum work.

Dropout Kings succeed brilliantly at reviving a sound that has been deemed dead by many whilst simultaneously bringing something fresh and exciting into the mix. The majority of trap metal is abhorrently terrible, but this is really worth a listen.