EP REVIEW: Dripback – Blessed With Less Than Nothing

Release Date: March 20th 2020
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.dripback444.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dripback
Twitter: www.twitter.com/dripback


Taking great pride in creating counter culture music, London based hardcore five-piece Dripback have put together ‘Blessed With Less Than Nothing’, their first release in over six years.

Anger fuelled energy runs through the veins of Dripback‘s records, and their latest EP ‘Blessed With Less Than Nothing’ is no different.

The EP’s title-track starts things off with long, drawn out guitar strums alongside cymbal crashes before the drum beat picks up into a fast punky rhythm and a hellish scream. What follows is a wall of sound fusing screamo vocals with energetic drums and a psychedelic distorted guitar section creating what can only be described as pure chaos. Everything that follows on the EP is structured very similarly with fast-paced fury.

Referencing the band’s London roots, ‘Forked Tongues’ leads with a cockney East London voice speaking the line “You’re born a grass, and you’ll die a fucking grass”. This brings a welcome bit of character to the record, which is used again on ‘Mouths Sewn Shut’, and these spoken lines are the only notable thing that breaks apart one song from another.

Coming in at only fifteen minutes long, and with multiple short tracks such as ‘Lack Of Substance’ which seem to be over before they have begun, this EP is just that: lacking in substance. Each song is so similar in its energy level, unclear vocals and overall sound, they fuse into one another resulting in a fifteen minute long track of unfounded anger that’s fairly forgettable.

‘Blessed With Less Than Nothing’ would benefit with some short musical interlude tracks to allow the music to shine through the aggression, allow some tracks space to breath and bulk out the record a bit more. Dripback don’t need to conform to creating catchy radio play tracks, this record shows plenty of musical talent with a sharp edgy vibe. But, ultimately, every track lacks enough polish and personality to really be recognisable and memorable.