EP REVIEW: Delayed Departure – Your Colours

Release Date: October 19th 2018
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialdelayeddeparture
Twitter: www.twitter.com/dlayeddparture


Hailing from the town of Farnborough, a town that lead vocalist Mike Harland states is “nothing to shout about”, Delayed Departure have been working on putting their town on the map and are hoping that their third EP ‘Your Colours’ will be the thing to do just that.

The six-track EP opens with lead single, ‘Neon Lights’. The track opens with an enticing drum fill before exploding into a sea of roaring, rhythmically catchy guitar work and a distorted yet melodic lead guitar riff. The drum work displayed during the opening riff is quite minimalistic, creating the sense that more variation could’ve helped to solidify a stronger groove.

Instrumentally, the track follows the route of the typical alternative rock song, then an underlying walking bass carries the verses along with a driving drum beat. Towards the pre-chorus, Harland begins to express the true power of his emotionally evoking belted voice, possessing the same captivating heart that James Veck-Gilodi (Deaf Havana) has.

‘Better Way To Be’ sees the band branching out the most musically. Following a stripped down bridge which uses counter melodies to heighten its relaxing feel, it takes you by surprise, dropping into a breakdown, loosely incorporating the chorus’ chord progression. The use of minor second bends from the guitars and the tight rhythmic musicianship displayed from the band adds to the progressive rock feel of the track, creating a moment that’s impossible not to bop your head to.

It must be stated that the chorus for ‘Better Way To Be’ is also one of the high points of this EP, with an incredibly infectious vocal melody and backing vocals that glue the song in your head.

‘Your Colours’ is a terrific leap in the right direction for this band. Musicianship-wise, the performance displayed is almost flawless. With the biggest criticisms falling to the production which at points felt somewhat streamlined, Delayed Departure should continue to push themselves and continue to define their own unique sound.