EP REVIEW: Deadfire – My Mind Belongs To The Devil

Release Date: February 29th 2020
Label: Fat Hippy Records
Website: www.deadfire.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/deadfire1
Twitter: www.twitter.com/deadfireabz


From the shores of Aberdeen, Deadfire have been guzzling down whiskey and snacks aplenty to bring you their flavour of heavy rock and classic metal. Now onto their second release, we shall see if they can cause more mayhem in ‘My Mind Belongs To The Devil’.

Beginning with a sombre procession of distorted guitars, the opening and titular track has you thinking this may be a droll dreary experience of deep depression. Thankfully this isn’t the case as it is despatched in a raucous of classic metal chords and jittering rhythms that have a riotous punk tinge to them that injects a decent amount of energy to proceedings.

Turning to grunge realms, ‘Mary Jane’ initially retracts to the initial drudge experienced previously, but gradually ratchets up the intensity utilising noise rock grooves and fuzzing bass lines that are reminiscent of Fu Manchu. Featuring echoing utterances from Charlie Munro, who keeps it clean but with an added fizz of distortion, he certainly gets his messages of drug use across clearly and effectively ties in with the sound of the band’s instrumentation.

Letting the strings ring, ‘Call From The Void’ opens out to let the distortion fly true with heavy groove laden riffs from Gordon Leith, who creatively mixes classic influences with modern flare to make a powerful yet not overly aggressive atmosphere.

While there’s nothing necessarily new or divine here, ‘My Mind Belongs To The Devil’ is a pleasant and entertaining experience that could be expanded upon further on a full-length release.

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