EP REVIEW: Cutting Teeth – Fracture/Decompose

Release Date: November 22nd 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cuttingteethuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/cuttingteeth_uk


Bursting onto the scene last year with their debut release, the aptly titled ‘First Cut’ EP, hardcore quartet Cutting Teeth delivered a selection of tracks that showed promise. Now, returning with follow-up ‘Fracture/Decompose’, the group have pushed themselves to deliver a muscular and scathing effort.

Kicking the record off with ‘Blistered’, feedback squeals and morphs into a barrage of disjointed guitars, impassioned vocals, and bursts of blast beats from Jono Roberts. Delivering rough and angular riffs, Cutting Teeth quickly create a bleak and furious soundscape that culminates in a chaotic swirl of feedback.

Pushing the energy and chaos further, lead single ‘Diathesis’ allows urgent and commanding shrieks from frontman James Thurlby to sit alongside relatively clean choruses and jarring breaks. Supported by tight breaks and relentless riffs, the track takes a left turn into a seemingly doom-inspired bridge, showcasing multiple layers to the group.

As the EP reaches its midway point, ‘Ghost Blood’ continues with a bass led metallic hardcore onslaught, whereas on ‘Muscle Memory’ the punk energy that we saw shine several months back on ‘First Cut’ bursts through, and covers it in twisting melodies and a howling vocal performance that embodies a wide-eyed fury.

With being active less than two years, it’s startling just how quickly Cutting Teeth have evolved and refined their sound, and highlighting this fact is curtain closer, ‘A Reason To Give’. Opening with dissonant and sparse finger-picking from Adam Jones, the track creates a foreboding tone before diving into doom-fused hardcore. It’s desolate, yet at the same time dense, and creates yet another avenue for the group to explore. Fading away as opposed to burning out, it ends the record on a juxtaposition compared to its full throttle arrival.

Proving that British hardcore is burning, ‘Fracture/Decompose’ delivers a passionate and furious energy throughout. Well structured and straight to the point, the EP gives an exciting and ferocious insight to where Cutting Teeth could head when crafting a full-length release, gnashing every step of the way.