EP REVIEW: Cutting Teeth – First Cut

Release Date: October 12th 2018
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cuttingteethuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/cuttingteeth_uk


Fresh faced Leeds quintet Cutting Teeth pull no punches with their debut EP, ‘First Cut’, taking elements from many areas of the hardcore world to form their riff heavy sound.

Opener ‘Details In Devils’ allows feedback to squeal before launching into a scale running riff, which are soon after chased down by vocalist James Thurlby and his guttural screams, fighting against double kick drum patterns. As the riff evolves, so does the intensity of the track, ramming into a pre-chorus filled with percussive guitars.

The track doesn’t let up, bouncing from section to section with delight, and, as we hit the bridge, guitarists Adam Jones and Alex Morgan play with chord voicings alongside Jono Roberts‘ pounding drum work, building energy constantly until the final seconds off feedback.

After a moments reprieve, we’re thrown back into the disarray with second single, ‘Life Of A Loser’, showcasing a slightly different side to the group. Filled with spoken word interludes, scale runs and assured sing-along moments, Cutting Teeth give us a glimpse of an anthem.

The track itself is wrapped up in punk style riffing and fevered screams, as the bridge unfolds a hidden melody with lead lines before building towards a short but oh so sweet breakdown.

Throughout the EP, the Yorkshire troupe flirt with many influences, from riotous The Dillinger Escape Plan style melodies to shades of the long defunct The Ghost Of A Thousand in certain breakdowns. They consistently play with expectations, creating a sense of disorientation.

This technique is shown no better than on closer and lead single ‘The Great Delusionist’, with verses nearly becoming breakdowns all on their own, and allowing the energy of the track to nearly fall apart before it hurtles back in like a comet smashing through a gravity field.

‘First Cut’ is an impressive debut with a pulsating energy coursing throughout that makes you want to see them live instantly. Indeed, Cutting Teeth are a home grown act still very much in their infancy. They deserve your attention, and we desire more cuts.