EP REVIEW: Currents – I Let The Devil In

Release Date: December 14th 2018
Label: SharpTone Records
Website: www.currentsofficial.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/currentsct
Twitter: www.twitter.com/currentsct


American progressive metallers Currents have been through the mill a bit of late with the only remaining member of their original 2011 line-up – drummer Jeff Brown – announcing his departure in August. Despite this recent news, and the fact that a full-time replacement still hasn’t been announced, new EP ‘I Let The Devil In’ is undoubtedly a late heavyweight contender for EP of the year.

It comes out of the block in scintillating fashion with ‘Into Despair’ encompassing a level of full-throttled intensity not often seen in traditional metalcore bands, and showcases a soundscape full of blast beats battling against superbly ferocious vocals courtesy of Brian Wille. With bands such as Northlane and Novelists easily audible, Currents create technically proficient guitar riffs which punctuates the silence during the song’s cavernous breakdown midway through, before a catchy riff slams into play to take it to its conclusion.

‘My Disguise’ hangs itself slightly on the edge of melodic hardcore with an emotive chorus that brings a bit of light into the band’s overarching bleakness, whilst ‘To Feel Empty’ continues that melodic slant brilliantly by transforming from a gentle opening with clean vocals into an exploding anthemic chorus with building riffs that compliment the technical guitar work in the background.

With the EP seemingly over before its even began, ‘Forever Marked’ shows the band at their proggiest without conceding any of the heaviness that’s been on show up to now. A barrage of ferocity, with what borders on death metal vocals at times, it does segue into much calmer terrains complete with technical guitar interplay. The chorus displays a real call-to-arms dynamism, and the lead up to the main breakdown is horrifically brilliant.

With what is hopefully now a settled line-up (after a replacement drummer is found), there’s hope that Currents can push on and follow-up recent tours with Born Of Osiris and Fallujah with a consistent trajectory to cement their fanbase and make themselves more widely known. With material this exciting, they certainly have the ability to match whatever ambition they harbour.