EP REVIEW: Crossfaith – Species

Release Date: May 22nd 2020
Label: UNFD
Website: www.crossfaith.jp
Facebook: www.facebook.com/crossfaithofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/crossfaithjapan


Incorporating many elements of electronic music, whilst solidly affirming their identity as a heavy band, Crossfaith are one of the more exciting bands to emerge from the last decades’ attempt at genre-pollination.

Whether in a live setting or on record, they’re always guaranteed to be a fun time. The Japanese crossover mainstays have given us five new songs, making up a new EP, ‘Species’.

Opener ‘Digital Paradise’ showcases their usual eclecticism. We have a throbbing industrial intro before some thick grooves and a scream-along chorus take centre stage. What’s key with Crossfaith is that they can switch to a different style at the drop of a hat, without it feeling jarring.

‘Endorphin’ makes us feel like we’re at a rave, that is before some further crushing riffs come in. There’s a bounce throughout, as well as a strong sense of fun that are helped by the trance-influenced sections. Their solid grasp on both elements makes this another highlight, and the sudden ending that leaves you wanting more.

‘Truth Of Insanity’ is as close as the band get to straight-up metal, with the double-time thrash sections in the verses helping to ignite some real fire. While the chorus, along with some of the others on this EP, are certainly on the clichéd side of things, it’s still clear that Crossfaith are operating at a high standard.

‘None Of Your Business’ has more of a hip-hop influence, but simultaneously the aggression brings this as close as possible to hardcore.

Admittedly the chorus of ‘Your Song’ is also slightly on the side of clichéd. Despite being a million times better than lots of bands that attempt this, Crossfaith are still strongest when they veer away from modern metalcore 101. But it does build impressively towards the end, with some distinctive synth lines really helping to drive the song.

Wasting no time and still managing to spring surprises with their multi-dimensional sound, Crossfaith continue to impress with ‘Species’.

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