EP REVIEW: Creeper – American Noir

Release Date: July 30th 2021
Label: Roadrunner Records
Website: www.creepercult.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/creepercult
Twitter: www.twitter.com/creepercultuk


Continuing on from last year’s ‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void’, Creeper have offered up ‘American Noir’. Curated from the sessions for their aforementioned sophomore record, this EP serves as an epilogue for the release whilst also pushing the band further from the glam rock of its predecessor.

Following opener ‘American Militia’, lead single ‘Midnight’ immediately displays a change for Creeper. Leaning towards punk driven theatrical pop-rock, the track breaths new life into the group, and whilst frontman Will Gould croons alongside piano melodies, it’s Hannah Greenwood who steals the show with her complimenting vocals helping to push the track forward. Brief and not outstaying its welcome, ‘Midnight’ abruptly ends and the band jump straight into ‘America At Night’.

Again, favouring piano melodies and incorporating sweeping strings, their inclusion brings a cinematic sheen to the exposed structure of ‘America At Night’ and Gould‘s passionate performance. Concluding with a collision vocal hooks and driving guitars, the track straddles both the experimental side and hook driven elements of the group.

Continuing to alternate between Greenwood and Gould driven tracks, ‘Ghosts Over Calvary’ and ‘One Of Us’ deliver bouncing power pop and haunting post-rock respectively. With both tracks displaying twists and turns and boasting a strong array of hooks, Creeper waste little time in carving out a new soundscape for themselves.

Closing with ‘Damned & Doomed’ and ‘Frozen Night’ respectively, the band explore somber pianos, pulsing electronica, power pop and foreboding darkwave without losing their coherency. Yet again anchored by Greenwood, the tracks give a hint at what could be next for Creeper, and if it’s anything like the tracks on display here, it’s a welcome addition to the group’s catalogue.

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