EP REVIEW: Creature – Hound

Release Date: October 18th 2019
Label: Grey Ghost Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/creaturenoise
Twitter: www.twitter.com/creaturenoise


Birmingham’s Creature return with their second EP in 2019, ‘Hound’, which follows on from dropping their debut EP ‘Hex’ earlier this year.

Having garnered mass amounts of acclaim from music press heavyweights Kerrang! and Metal Hammer, Creature are continuing on this trail of triumphs throughout the duration of ‘Hound’.

It’s the second instalment in a three-part series of EPs, with this one opening up with ‘Cold Man’s World’. Both barbarous and bombastic, the song contains heaviness galore, from the ferocious instrumentals to the fierce screams that thunder on into this big breakdown, one that truly takes us on a rocky rollercoaster ride from start-to-finish.

Following number ‘Black Dog’ opts for a more slower-paced approach. The dulcet tones of James Thompson‘s singing are on display, as his range switches between melodious at the beginning, to more merciless by the end. A fitting change to cater to the sudden surge of sounds as the song comes to its climax.

Ironically, lead single ‘Lifeless’ instils the life back into this EP. Evoking this highly charged energy, the trio have curated a sound out of some simply chaotic instrumentals and unrelenting vocals that showcase the passionate spirit at the core of both this band and this track.

Closer ‘Fools Curse’ sends the EP out with a shock to the senses. The familiar heaviness we encountered in the EP’s opening moments return once more, with the instrumentals going in full throttle on this track. The booming percussion from Tom Bradshaw and the overt riff work from Thompson make for one of the EP’s stand out moments.

Creature have curated an EP of epic proportions here. Exploring both the chaotic and calm sides to this newly formed trio, ‘Hound’ and its post-hardcore vibe grasps onto what could evolve into a signature sound and in turn a prospering career.

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