EP REVIEW: Cheerbleederz – Lobotany

Release Date: February 7th 2020
Label: Alcopop! Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cheerbleederz
Twitter: www.twitter.com/cheerbleederz


Sugared indie-pop trio Cheerbleederz recline in the summer grass with the release of their new EP, ‘Lobotany’. Their no-frills, dig to the roots approach to making music is evident in the remedial tone of the four-track – even its sharpness is clean.

Their attitude will scuff you right up, but ‘Lobotany’ and its softening delivery will blot at the scrapes and nurture your grass burns all the same.

As a ripe new sun beckons over the horizon, ‘say 2 u’ scuttles among the reeds, peach in its hand, and clouds in its brain. Reserved in its infancy, the track plaits endearing accented vocals with casual, understated bass riffs and drums that pluck gingerly between the weavings. Once the trio find their footing, it blossoms in a medley of guitar swings (courtesy of Kathryn Woods) so thick that the vocals climb inside and find their fervour wholly.

‘disco’ maintains this pace, speaking candidly about introspection and acting as a floral depiction of consciousness streams. “Exercise is fun”, the lyrics bounce, “and I’m really feeling myself when I go for a run”. Such easy lyrics are folded so fittingly into the creaminess of the instrumentation, and ‘Lobotany’, in its frank runtime just shy of twelve minutes, encapsulates the freeness of emotion gorgeously.

Comprised of Woods, Phoebe Cross, and Sophie Mackenzie, Cheerbleederz is a mesmerisingly chaotic fumbling of members from varying bands (Happy AccidentsFreshFinish Flag), resulting in a pastel-infused treasure of a listen.

Dazing and dreamy, ‘sometimes i cry at work’ is one of the most complex tracks on the EP, taking periodic U-turns in intensity with pepperings of guitar chords so shiny that they could set fire to the sun. You can almost picture the London-based pals laying on their backs in the flowerbed, guitars anchored to their stomachs, and words flitting to the sky.

The shortest track takes the last spot, and ‘gaze of others’ reinforces the realism that hugs this EP. Each member of the indie-pop sherbet cloud has encompassed the release with warmth and genuineness few and far between nowadays. ‘Lobotany’ is calm, grounding, and so potent at reminding you of your humanity that it still stings, even if Cheerbleederz are ready with plasters and smiles.