EP REVIEW: Cheerbleederz – Faceplant

Release Date: September 14th 2018
Label: Alcopop! Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cheerbleederz
Twitter: www.twitter.com/cheerbleederz


When faced with a band name like Cheerbleederz, you wouldn’t be blamed for expecting a ritualistic emo-goth troupe bathed in black and drinking blood from a chalice. In actual fact, these three London based indie-punk pals are about as sweet as puppies eating candy floss with just enough toughness to prevent you from vomiting.

Fuzzy and poppy, Cheerbleederz‘s debut EP ‘Faceplant’ is a fun collection of anti-love songs celebrating female strength and independence. Combining sickly sweet vocal harmonies with dreamy guitar riffs and hilarious lyrical pessimism, ‘Faceplant’ succinctly sums up modern life: it’s mundane and scary, but we might as well try to have a good time.

Cheerbleederz have that negative-songs-that-sound-happy thing nailed as they chirp “I think that we’re all doomed” on EP closer, ‘Cabin Fever’. They make use of just enough kitchen sink drama to arouse intrigue on this collection of four tracks, telling tales of love lost and unrequited. Simple and to the point, there’s no lyrical or musical embellishment, sticking to telling it how it is with straight-forward beats and guitars.

As a taste of what Cheerbleederz have to offer, ‘Faceplant’ is a candy-coated amuse-bouche that sets the table for their first full-length offering.