EP REVIEW: Chase Atlantic – Don’t Try This

Release Date: January 25th 2019
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Website: www.chaseatlantic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/chaseatlantic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/chaseatlantic


Australia’s Chase Atlantic are starting off the new year right with their new EP, ‘Don’t Try This’. With a style that blends across genres like hip-hop, R&B, and rock, the EP examines relationships, debauchery, and loneliness underneath smooth melodies and slick production.

Opener ‘What U Call That?’ features lyrics the band teased months ago, and really sets the remainder of the EP up for a high success rate. Drawing upon a woozy and hypnotic sound for bombastic yet smoothing effect, the track is dramatic.

‘You Too’ takes on a dreamier R&B influence, indicates a surprising yet welcoming sense of romanticism, and is a great showcase of Chase Atlantic‘s distinct and attention-grabbing sound. ‘Lust’ is similar in sound, helping showcase their impeccable talent.

‘Devilish’ is the highly anticipated song by fans, and was debuted live during their 2018 world tour. An upbeat and avant-garde song that is for sure one of the most memorable on the EP, after one listen the chorus becomes infectious and stuck in your head for the remainder of the day, if not week.

‘GreenGreenGreen’ separates itself from the rest of the EP. It’s more pop than anything, and ties together the trip-hop and pop influences of the record for something more emotional and smooth.

Dealing with the topic of fame and excess, the style can sometimes overwhelm the substance, yet Chase Atlantic still manage to produce an excellent EP. Each sound is with raw intensity and demonstrates a willingness to try anything and experiment with new sounds.

They offer an exhilarating glimpse of a visceral, diverse, and ambitious sound that will be compelling when played live. ‘Don’t Try This’ pushes the band forward and, as 2019 continues, Chase Atlantic will only progress further.