EP REVIEW: Chapter And Verse – Love & Error

Release Date: April 17th 2020
Label: Killing Moon Records
Website: www.chapterandverseuk.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/chapterandverseuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/chapterandver5e


Building on the momentum from last year’s ‘Glow’ EP, London alt rock quintet Chapter And Verse come forth with their next effort, ‘Love & Error’.

Digging deeper into their blueprint whilst capitalising on their promise, Chapter And Verse deliver a concise and intriguing expansion of their sound.

Circling grooves open up ‘Bad Blood’ before landing on a contrastingly smooth and minimal verse. Held together by Josh Carter‘s smooth vocals, the track shuttles between wide choruses and melody driven verses with ease. Moving straight into ‘Beauty Sleep’, two things about the band become apparent; firstly, the tracks on this release are more streamlined, and secondly, broad leaps have clearly been taken since ‘Glow’.

Following from ‘Beauty Sleep’ and its stomping guitars and overlapping vocal melodies, ‘Always’ moves closer to electronica, with overarching synths and muscular guitars moving alongside swirling melodies. Whilst leaning on Carter‘s note range to push the song forward, the textures used in the track give way to a new sound for the group.

The same could also be said for ‘Sweet Time’, with its reliance on Carter‘s vocal standing out at the start, but with its hulking chorus and snappy structure, the track highlights how effective the quartet can be as well, delivering a dizzying solo to drive the track home.

Employing a slow burn for its conclusion, ‘Where We’ve Been’ sits alongside subtle chords, croons, and weaving melodies to show a versatile take on their alt rock leanings.

Though less than two years have passed between ‘Love & Error’ and its predecessor, Chapter And Verse have emerged as a new entity, and whilst it remains to be seen how the group will hold up on a full-length, there’s a strong promise on show throughout here.