EP REVIEW: Carnifex – Bury Me In Blasphemy

Release Date: December 7th 2018
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Website: www.carnifexmetal.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/carnifexmetal
Twitter: www.twitter.com/carnifex


Californian deathcore veterans Carnifex are back with a new, surprise released EP, ‘Bury Me In Blasphemy’, though it only contains four minutes and three seconds worth of new and original material.

The new material in question, the EP’s title-track, is run-of-the-mill Carnifex fayre for fans. There’s an unrelenting head banging groove that runs throughout the verses with that trademark deathcore technicality, and Scott Lewis‘ vocals remain as viciously nasty as ever. A bit of diversity creeps in with some decent synth-led melody in sporadic background segments (similar in style to Motionless In White), and a melodic twin guitar solo comes into play as the song builds to a conclusion.

The remaining three tracks here are covers that, to be brutally honest, don’t add a lot of uniqueness to their initial recordings. ‘Head Like A Hole’ (originally released by Nine Inch Nails) commences with a scatty, industrial-edged sound before a mid-paced guitar riff carries the momentum forwards. A flurry of pinch harmonic activity every now and then adds a bit of diversity to the song, and the vocals are clearly dissimilar to Trent Reznor‘s, which at least makes this stand out from the original.

‘The Heretic Anthem’ (originally released by Slipknot), both instrumentally and vocally, doesn’t stand out from the crowd and, as such, you’d be better off just listening to the original version.

The final track is a remixed version of their ‘Head Like A Hole’ cover from French synthwave artist Gost, which further ramps up the electronic and industrial nature of the track.

There isn’t an awful lot to recommend here due to the brevity of the EP, but if you’re a fan of Carnifex‘s discography then the four minutes on show should satisfy until their seventh full-length record comes around next year.