EP REVIEW: Calva Louise – Popurrí

Release Date: July 31st 2020
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/calvalouise
Twitter: www.twitter.com/calvalouise


Sick of the real world? Wish you could live in a video game 24/7? Well, give that Scott Pilgrim soundtrack a break and put on Calva Louise‘s EP, ‘Popurrí’. The first EP since their debut album last year, this international fusion is bringing in the nü wave of alternative music.

Opening with ‘Camino’, we’re immediately sucked into their hypnotising sound. With electronic beats, mixing pop and alternative, they’ve created a futuristic emo feel. Layering violin strings, buzzing guitars, and intricate vocals, the band have created some banging binary beats. Although the lyrics of the self-reflecting song feel lost, the instruments and vocals feel strong and determined, showing that Calva Louise know exactly what they’re doing.

Following with ‘POP(urrí)’, which sort of shares its name with the EP’s title, this is a loud, harsh, and dance inducing track. As their French-born lead singer Jess Allanic switches between English and Spanish with ease, it’s questionable if they’re even human or simply robots. Changing tempo, instrument expectations, and incredible bass, this song will have you agreeing that “there is nobody like you”, Calva Louise.

Leaving us wanting more, ‘I Wish’ immediately unsettles with its sudden, slightly stripped electronic sound. Focusing on more of a traditional guitar sound, this track feels nostalgic. Fitting into the early 00s nicer than a double denim ensemble, this blend of nostalgia pop and an alternative electronic sound makes you not want to “lose more time”, as you become transfixed in their sound.

Making songs that robots could mosh their metal bodies to, Calva Louise are paving a way for post-punk like no one else. Switching tempo, playing with traditional instruments, and creating a sound that is unheard anywhere else, this underground trio are making tracks so over ground they’ll go over your head.

A must listen for all The 1975, Paramore, and Twenty One Pilots fans, Calva Louise are breaking the electronic mould. Why don’t you join them?