EP REVIEW: Bury The Traitor – Ascend To Clarity

Release Date: February 14th 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.burythetraitor.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/burythetraitoruk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/burythetraitor


Having released their debut EP ‘Anchored’ back in 2016, Bury The Traitor have been touring heavily to increase their stature and launch themselves above the underground metal scene. Now back with follow-up EP, ‘Ascend To Clarity’, the Derbyshire quintet hope to break new ground and continue their rise through the ranks.

Sounding the death knell from the off, ‘Embers’ quietly builds with spoken words and acoustic guitars to crescendos of pounding rhythms and forlorn guitar chords before launching into ‘Season To Burn’. It immediately ratchets up the pressure from the strike of the pin, with dissonant guitar riffs and confrontational lyrics to create an impactful beginning. Interweaved further with clean chorus lines and death metal breakdowns, it showcases a breadth of dexterity.

Deviating into a groove metal stance, ‘A.S.I.F.’ initially gives the impression that the assault might be abated, but quickly thrashes into an onslaught of snares snaps from James Cordall and riling vocals from Oli Loewenbach to quickly douse the area in napalm. Infused with sections of metalcore, hardcore, and inspiring chorus sections, it encapsulates the current metal genre in classic style.

Releasing the kraken, ‘Heads Down Thumbs Up’ questions the current climate of ignorance, and calls for the riot to start against the system in a unifying act of defiance. Introducing brief maniacal touches of electronic distortion and launching down into death metal breakdowns, it shows how far the band can push the envelope.

Tempering the onslaught, ‘When Lust Dethrones Loyalty’ allows for the lighter side to surface while still making sure that there are plenty of heavy interludes to break the extended cleaner sections.

The whole EP has reminiscent parts of metalcore giants Caliban and While She Sleeps, which aren’t bad bands to compared to on your second EP. The maniacal intersperses and sweeps into adjacent genres give Bury The Traitor an unpredictable edge that with further development could lead to a masterful full-length album.