EP REVIEW: Bring Me The Horizon – Post Human: Survival Horror

Release Date: October 30th 2020
Label: Sony Music/RCA Records
Website: www.bmthofficial.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bmthofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bmthofficial


Returning with the eclectic ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’, Sheffield’s Bring Me The Horizon offer a collection of tracks that cement their status as leaders in the world of heavy music.

Jumping between urgent synths and stop-start guitars, ‘Dear Diary,’ soon opens up a barrage of blast beats and growling vocals before unfurling an irresistible chorus that boasts the line “God is a shithead and we’re his rejects”¬†with unfiltered glee. Mixing fevered solos, rapid fire vocals, stomping breakdowns and scattered samples into their own unique melting pot, from the get go Bring Me The Horizon blend all previous incarnations of themselves to deliver a confident and streamlined track.

Following up with a trifecta of singles, ‘Parasite Eve’ melds pulsing synths and rhythmic vocals alongside storming choruses and a swirling breakdown, before its ambient coda slides into the jittery ‘Teardrops’. Invoking shades of ‘Meteora’ era Linkin Park and post-hardcore, moving around pop harmonies and nihilistic themes to create an anthemic track, ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’ continues to unfurl multiple tones.

Following up from the drum and bass driven ‘Itch For The Cure’, ‘Kingslayer’ marries the anthemic qualities of the quintet and the pop sensibilities of Babymetal to create a perfectly demented and crowd pleasing take on the burgeoning alternative pop and metal scene. With the song taking on equal elements of both acts, ‘Kingslayer’ stands out amongst an already strong collection of tracks.

The same can be said about ‘1×1’, as Nova Twins merge their style into thick choruses and chugging guitars to create a track that doesn’t lose the identity of the acts involved.

Closing with the restrained ‘One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death’, Bring Me The Horizon prove that, yet again, they’re a band that can’t be pinned down.