EP REVIEW: Bring Me The Horizon – Music To Listen To…

Release Date: December 27th 2019
Label: Sony Music
Website: www.bmthofficial.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bmthofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bmthofficial


If anyone thought that Bring Me The Horizon would go back to their former deathcore and metalcore roots or that they were done experimenting as artists, then… it’s time to catch up.

Dropping out of almost nowhere is their 8-track yet still over an hour long (yep, over an hour) EP, ‘Music To Listen To…’, with one song clocking in at over 24-minutes on its own. It’s definitely not for those aforementioned fans wishing for a return to their earlier work; it’s for the open-minded.

Prior to its release, the band had been littering snippets of unreleased material here and there, and also mentioned in an interview just weeks ago their plans to abandon albums for the foreseeable, instead dropping one-off tracks and EPs. Bring Me The Horizon clearly don’t give a damn about anything else but their artistic development and freedom anymore, and good on them for being brave enough to do so.

This EP is definitely not for the light-hearted or impatient. A track like ‘Underground Big’, (which is the over 24-minute track mentioned earlier) starts off as a grime/hip-hop number which soon explodes into a metal intermission, but then suddenly goes back and stops to become a spoken word interlude for the rest of it? Madness.

The amount of guest spots on this, coming from every corner of the music scene, is not any less varying. Bringing in pop queens like Halsey on ‘¿’ but also one of the UK’s most exciting metal newcomers Lotus Eater on ‘Underground Big {HEADFULOFHYENA}’ is where Bring Me The Horizon are at with the way they can play with different genres and make it their own.

‘Music To Listen To…’ is a journey that not everyone’s ready to take, and that’s fine and undoubtedly an outcome the band expected. It’s a group of artists experimenting, branching out into new realms, playing with the magic that is music and that should always be appreciated.

Who knows? With their plans to bring smaller batches of music out in more regular intervals might see them branching out to other extremes, so those old school fans might yet see their heaviest material to date show its face in the coming months.