EP REVIEW: Brightr / H_ngm_n – Split EP

Release Date: October 23rd 2020
Label: Real Ghost Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/iambrightr / www.facebook.com/hngmnuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/brightrmusic / www.twitter.com/hngmnuk


This year we’ve seen some truly iconic artists come together and create music from their homes to fill the void left by 2020. Throwing themselves into the mix are Brightr and H_ngm_n, who have joined forces to release a unique split EP.

Kicking off the record is acoustic artist Brightr, whose melancholic melody in opener ‘Coffee’ transports us back to being an over-emotional teenager in the throws of pubescent heartbreak, locking yourself in your bedroom and playing Dashboard Confessional on repeat. The Chris Carrabba tones are there, but Brightr brings his own painfully raw vulnerability, particularly in ‘Pins’, where lyrics of stumbling, failing, and having bad days will resonate with most, perhaps now more than ever.

Taking over the second half of the EP is H_ngm_n, whose gruff vocals and impressive harmonies, particularly in ‘Sick Note’, elevate the musicality of the record, giving off acoustic pop-punk-emo vibes reminiscent of The Wonder Years. As we’re reminded with ‘Empty’, it’s very easy for this style of music to fall into ‘cheesy’ territory, and this EP does occasionally tip-toe into this realm a little, but the artists manage to bring it back from the verge with genuine, believable lyrics and the ability to be so open and vulnerable with their art.

For most, this EP will be a nostalgic trip down memory lane and a chance to revisit those melodramatic teenage years, and perhaps that’s what we need right now. Maybe Brightr and H_ngm_n are onto something, and we could all do with being more heartfelt, honest, emotional, introspective, and self-indulgent to help us get through.