EP REVIEW: Brent Walsh – Are You Even There At All?

Release Date: November 2nd 2018
Label: Equal Vision Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/brentwalshofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/brentwalshitm


At the very beginning of ‘Are You Even There At All?’, the second solo release from I The Mighty‘s own Brent Walsh, we’re launched into an onslaught of harmonies and intricately layered vocals in the form of ‘Moon Creep’, with not much more than a drum beat to accompany his incredibly controlled voice.

It’s vocally incredible, and the warmest welcome that you could possibly imagine from an artist, leading us smoothly into the beautifully delivered ‘Cloud’s Song’ which, again, features minimal accompaniment, with just gently picked acoustic guitar to guide Walsh‘s voice through this wonderfully crafted song.

For newcomers to Walsh‘s music, this EP is a great introduction to his pop-infused vocals, showcasing a style that that is clearly very comfortable for the artist, while still showing that he can mix things up with the stripped back instrumentation he chooses for each song, ranging from a single drum beat, to one acoustic guitar to a light piano melody.

Not everything works, however, as evident by the rapping in ‘The Way You Seem’. While Walsh‘s vocals sound great while singing, his delivery of the rap verses in this song fall flat and feel very out of place and, if it weren’t for this, it would probably be the best track on the EP.

Thankfully, Walsh saves the best for last and treats us to what are arguably the best, most passionate and more diverse vocals on the entire release during the final track, ‘Confession Repentance’, with a more aggressive approach from the start. This excellent closing track displays Walsh at his most emotive, and more of this same raw energy would definitely have been welcome earlier on in the EP, although this song fits right where it is to wave an exciting goodbye to the listener.

‘Are You Even There At All?’ is a very enjoyable listen with a clear focus in mind (to show off his radio-friendly voice as much as possible, and with good reason) with just a couple of hiccups along the way, and will without a doubt satisfy any long-term fans of his.