EP REVIEW: Breather – The Blue

Release Date: October 18th 2019
Label: Through Love
Website: www.breathermusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/breathermusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/breathermusic


On their debut EP, ‘The Blue’, pop-rock newcomers Breather have set out to prove that a DIY attitude can produce incredible results.

Aside from the drums, the British rockers tracked the entire EP themselves, spending over a year doing so. Has all their hard work paid off?

It opens with the title-track, setting an ominous tone with a light synth line accompanying a chaotic drum pattern. The drums subside when Sam Irvine‘s vocals come in, and add to the uneasiness with the line “The door is open / But you won’t escape”, and the track goes between a catchy pop-punk infused chorus and the unsettling verses.

‘Hollow’ opens in a similar vein but is certainly catchier, with a chorus already fit for a large crowd to yell right back at them. ‘Diamond Bones’ instantly hits with a guitar part reminiscent of Yellowcard, and features yet another chorus that’s worthy of an arena.

A hard-hitting reverberant drum beat opens the closing track, ‘Golden Soul’. When the guitars kick in, it sounds like a pop-punk version of Radiohead, equipped with a melody that gets stuck in your head but also messes with it at the same time. The melancholic vocals contrast with the aspirational-sounding guitar to create a satisfying sense of unease, and the final chorus finishes the EP that will leave any listener both satisfied and begging for more.

On ‘The Blue’, Breather combine the catchy melodies of pop-punk with an eerie tone, both in the instrumentation and the vocals, and also in the lyrical content. From the get-go, Breather have separated themselves from the pack. They’re certainly not your average rock band, but they’re definitely one that you need to check out now.