EP REVIEW: Bloom – In Passing

Release Date: October 9th 2020
Label: Greyscale Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bloomsyd
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bloomsyd


‘In Passing’, the new EP from Australian alt quintet Bloom, is a peek into the grieving process, offering a raw and honest account of losing someone close to you.

The combination of both clean and unclean vocals emphasises the duality of grief, personifying the fragility and anger that war it out inside the mind.

For the most part, the EP plays like a step back in time. Bloom‘s sound is heavily reminiscent of early 2000s emo and metalcore. This is particularly evident in the storm of melodic and thunderous instrumentation that battle it out above a sea of emotive lyrics and impassioned vocals. This sense of regression also presents itself in the record’s structure. It opens with the funeral, as captured by ‘The Service’, and gradually works its way backwards, unpacking and processing the events leading to then.

Standing in the eye of the storm, ‘June’ takes a surprisingly contemporary turn. It features spoken vocals that verge on rap, hinting at a subtle acceptance of change that fits well with the overall theme without detracting from the tone.

Concluding the story, the title-track leaves us with a musically uplifting outro, despite the bittersweet subject matter. It creates a sense of release that contradicts the final ambiguous line, “I wish that I could take all of the pain away.” This implies that, although things seem futile, penning ‘In Passing’ has proven to be a cathartic experience for the band that listeners can share in.

In the end, by taking a step back to look inside themselves, Bloom have in fact taken a significant leap forward.