EP REVIEW: Bloodbather – Silence

Release Date: October 9th 2020
Label: Rise Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bloodbather
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bloodbather


It seems that the appetite for the new wave of hardcore is not going away any time soon. Bloodbather are one of many bands of this ilk to emerge recently, marrying brutal, punishing hardcore with occasional forays into industrial synth-driven territory.

The band’s second EP, ‘Silence’, has a further demonstration of that sound, and you believe every second of it.

‘God’ is as discordant and hard-hitting as you could expect. After a very brief industrial intro, all hell is broken loose, led by Salem Vex‘s anguished, potent shriek, and while it’s an almighty sound, it’s all the more impressive that this is coming from a duo. No doubt if you’re into the likes of Vein, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, and many others, this will more than scratch that itch.

‘Silence’ continues the fury, with more bone-crushing riffs, and ‘Erase’ also features a very well-timed and punishing breakdown. ‘Disappear’‘s mini-drum and bass break is an exciting introduction before we have yet more mosh pit inspiring chaos, showing that you can still apply this approach without it sounding clichéd.

Bloodbather have also got a good sense of continuity with the melding of these two aspects already, which is important when dealing in this style; the sudden changes don’t feel jarring either. Perhaps giving more time to the industrial elements in the future, as opposed to largely short teases, may yield even more impressive results further down the line.

‘Cold’ is a track that differs from what’s come before, and is much more brooding and reliant on a synth pattern than the wave of cacophony that precedes this song. It’s a short teaser that leaves us wanting more.

As Bloodbather are still a new band, it may still be some time before they acquire the nuance and dexterity needed to truly stand out. With the right progression path in the future, the contents of ‘Silence’ show that they have the potential to be yet another great addition to the world of hardcore.

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